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Essay On Water Pollution | What is mean water pollution?

Essay On Water Pollution | Water pollution refers to pollution caused by water. Water is used in a large amount in cities and there is a large amount of dirty water flow in the sewers and drains, this type of polluted water and toxic chemicals in the water source also pollutes the clean water. Dirty substances get polluted in the water due to getting into the water.

Essay On Water Pollution | What are the causes of water pollution?

What are the 10 causes of water pollution?

  1. Domestic effluent: The effluent containing household wastes is called ‘sewage water’. Various substances are used in various daily household chores and cooking, bathing, washing and other cleaning works, which are dumped into the drains with household effluents as waste materials and eventually fall into the water bodies. This type of effluent consists of rotten fruits and vegetables, stove ashes emitted from kitchens, various types of garbage, cloth rags, scavengers, dirty water and other polluting wastes, which consist of water pollution Causes At present, the use of synthesized sanitizers is being increased day by day in cleaning works, which together with the water sources, become a permanent cause of water pollution.
  2. Sewage: In fact, the term water pollution was first used in the context of pollution caused by human sewage in water. If bacteria commonly found in human entrails were present in water, then that water was considered as polluted water which was deemed unfit for human use.

Excreted human excreta consists mainly of excreted human excreta from domestic and public toilets. Sewage contains both organic and inorganic substances. The majority of solid feces are organic, in which dead microorganisms and sometimes solids microorganisms are also present. Various types of microorganisms and bacteria, protozoa, viruses, fungi and algae etc. grow at a rapid pace due to the excess of organic matter. This type of contaminated sewage gets into the water sources through untreated sewage and causes severe water pollution. Discharged sewage by humans and animals in open places also causes water pollution by mixing with rainwater in flowing water sources. Such water pollution is called biological pollution.

Water Pollution By Industries

Which industries cause water pollution? | How does industrial pollution affect water? | Which industry causes maximum water pollution? | What is industrial waste water pollution?

It is noteworthy that 5 lakh tons of sewage are produced in a year on 10 lakh persons, most of which is found in the sea and rivers. According to an estimate, out of 142 cities with a population of more than one lakh in India, there are only 8 such cities which have complete arrangement for the disposal of sewage. Out of these, there are 62 such cities where there is proper system while 72 are such cities where there is no proper system.

  1. Industrial effluents: Often, after the production process in each industry, many unusable materials are left, which are called industrial waste materials. Most of these industrial wastes or effluents mainly contain many elements and many types of acids, alkalis, salts, oils, fats etc. toxic chemical substances are present. These all mix in water and make the water poisonous and pollute it.

4. The pulp and paper industry, sugar industry, textile industry, leather industry, liquor industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, food processing industry and chemical industries release a significant amount of waste, which is disposed of in water sources. Most industrial wastes are organic materials, which are decomposed by bacteria. But this process takes place at a very slow pace, resulting in foul odor and the water in the drains carrying waste materials gets polluted.

Water Pollution By Chemical

5. Chemical substances such as arsenic, cyanide, mercury, lead, iron, copper, acid and alkali are the pH of water. The levels are disorganized while the fish are directly affected by fat, oil and grease. BOD from cleaning, washing, dyeing, pulp center, motor service station etc. in metal industries And alkali are found in water in large quantities.

6. BOD, COD from paper and pulp industry. Ammonia, acid, bacteria; Ammonia, nitrogen and urea from the fertilizer industry; BOD, COD, solid particles, dyes, heavy metal oils, ghee etc. from textile industry; Solid particles from the plastics industry, BOD, COD etc; BOD, solid particles, dust, solid particles, oil etc. from rubber treatment; Foodgrain mills release pollutants like BOD, oil and grease, which together with water sources pollute the water.

7. The water of these rivers has been polluted by the waste of industries located along the banks of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers. In Kanpur, Allahabad and Varanasi, most of the Ganges water has been polluted due to waste effluents from industries. The color of the water of the Ganges river has changed to the village of Kishanpur, 10 km from Kanpur, after the waste of leather factories in Kanpur falls in the Ganges river. The effluent waste water from the IFFCO chemical fertilizer factory at Phulpur near Allahabad is found in the Ganges river, from which fishes have been found dead for a distance of 16 km.

Water Pollution By Agriculture

8. Agricultural effluent: In the present times, the use of various new methods in agriculture is increasing to get more production from crops. The Green Revolution is the result of this. Due to new methods in agriculture, on one hand there has been an increase in irrigation, on the other hand, the use of chemical fertilizers, indigestible pesticides and pesticides has also increased at a rapid pace. While these new experiments in agriculture have led to a huge increase in production on the one hand, on the other hand the cost of this success has to be paid for the damage done to the environment (especially water pollution).

Defective farming practices have led to a huge increase in soil erosion, blocking the passage of rivers and raising the river bed.

9. Another cause of water pollution under agricultural effluents is the increasing use of chemical fertilizers. Most of the fertilizers are inorganic phosphate and nitrogen. A condition of undernutrition arises due to excessive use of these fertilizers. Nutrition refers to the condition resulting from excessive enrichment of water by nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate. Water gets polluted due to increase in the state of nutrition. The excess fertilizer added to the fields slowly flows with water and reaches the rivers, ponds and ponds. The process of eutrophication in the lake is intensified by the availability of nitrogen-rich water, especially in the lake.

As a result, algae grow rapidly in water and decomposition bacteria are produced in large numbers due to the death of algae. Through them, in the process of decomposition of organic matter, the amount of oxygen in the water is greatly reduced. As a result, there is a shortage of aquatic organisms and water becomes polluted. As a result of the nutrition, the rivers slowly turn into anoop first and lastly Bhadwala. Dal Lake is the best example of malnutrition. This world famous lake has gone through the initial stages of malnutrition and has moved towards pollution. The southeastern part of this lake is getting contaminated at a rapid pace due to the discharge of water waste and agricultural drainage.

How does thermal pollution affect water? | What are some sources of thermal water pollution? | What is an example of thermal pollution? | What are the effects of thermal pollution?

10. Thermal or thermal pollution: River and pond water are used in various productive plants to prevent excessive heat effect of various reactors. This water, which has been heated as a result of the cooling process, is then spilled back into the water sources. Such hot water increases the temperature of the water of the water sources, which causes the water to become polluted. In addition to industries, thermal pollution is also caused by steam or nuclear powered power generating plants. Adequate natural water is used in energy plants to cool the liquefies.

Thermal pollution has a special effect on water organisms. Large organisms are unable to tolerate high temperatures. With the increase in water temperature, the solubility of oxygen also decreases and the amount of salts increases.

What causes oil pollution? | What is meant by oil pollution? | What are the effects of oil pollution? | How is oil harmful to the environment?

11. Oily pollution: Due to the mixing of oil and oily substances in the river and other water sources with industrial plants, oily pollution occurs. Due to oily pollution, oil has been ignited in the Ganges due to oil quarry of “Quwahoga River” of America and oil refinery near Munger in Bihar state in India.

There is a high possibility of oil pollution in the seas, due to which oil from the oil carrier keeps seeping in the sea and due to the crashing of the ships, there is a fierce fire. According to an estimate, about 50 lakh to 10 million tonnes of petroleum products are found in the sea every year due to various reasons.

12. Radioactive Waste and Degradation: At present, numerous radioactive particles are spread far and wide in the atmosphere due to nuclear explosions and later fall slowly on the ground as sensitizers which get into the water sources due to various reasons and food. Through the series, they reach the human body. Radioactive substances combined in water sources make water toxic. Since radioactive particles dissolve very slowly, their effect in water lasts for many days.

13. Water pollution is the most dangerous and worst form of pollution putting life in danger the water we drink daily looks very clear however contains virus microscopic pollutions almost 71% of earth is covered with water so a little change in it could affect life worldwide water borne diseases resulting from consumption are application of contaminated water is a leading causes of sickness deaths and hospitalization globally even direct consumption of a minute and water may cause serious ailments like cancer.

14. Eating fishes that have been living in contaminated waters ears may cause heart diseases cancer and other serious ailments. Water pollution is caused naturally as well as naturally but major pollution is an naturally by various man-made activities. industrial activities by humans leads to a lot of sewage being let out of factories to open lands are water bodies. This causes water pollution at a huge level.

15. Farming activities use a lot of pesticides and insecticides made of harmful chemicals.
During rains these chemicals get washed and enter water stream and finally into larger water bodies.
Sewage from our residences is let out into water bodies which causes water pollution.
sea and ocean water often gets polluted due to oil spillage done by oil carrying ships. Natural elements like flood do and earthquake also cause contamination of water causing water pollution.
disposal of waste and fight water pollution. the unified action of Government and society is required to curb out the issue of water pollution.
Let’s take our step forward in making clean water availability as the birthright of every citizen.

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